Monday, November 25, 2019

Beyond Our Kemble

Beyond Our Ken episode 4.03, written and broadcast 1960, features a film called The Time Machine, and the machine itself is specifically described as being shaped like a telephone box. Although unlike the TARDIS, it doesn't itself dematerialise, it works more like a teleport cubicle.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Blanca - the crazy years

I found that the reddit hero known as /u/anahaai had transcribed the conversations we heard Blanca having in the toilet cubicle back when everyone just thought she was mad, and it seemed a shame to let them languish there on reddit.

Episode 1
El Diablo El Diablo Del infierno Me estas volviendo loca You’re driving me crazy Callate ya
The devil, The devil from hell You’re driving me crazy Shut up already

Episode 3
No hay nadie mas Diablo, tu eres el unico hombre para mi Si te amo, te adoro, ya te lo he dicho mil veces
There is no one else Diablo, you are the only man for me Yes I love you, I adore you, I’ve already told you a million times

Episode 6
No hay nadie mas Diablo Yo no soy como tu yo no tengo ... Tu sabes que yo te grito porque ... Ella o tu ... Yo te dije que yo no tengo amigos aqui
There is no one else Diablo I’m not like you I don’t have ... You know I yell at you because ... Her or you ... (Bit of cussing) I told you I don’t have friends here