Friday, June 29, 2007

Doctor Who spin-offs no. 6

Round The Vaughn

Much loved sixties radio show featuring well-spoken straight man Tobias Vaughn and famous characters Cyber-Julian and Cyber-Sandy ('He's fully cybernetic, and I've been converted.' 'Converted.') Music from Scottish singing quartet the Frazer Hines Four.

Doctor Who spin-offs no. 5


Social experiment where young kids spend a year in a closed environment with wind chimes and lots of Swiss cheese plants, exposed to periodic rants from Simon Rouse.

Doctor Who spin-offs no. 4

Drahvin Miss Daisy

Tender flashbackathon where Jessica Tandy gradually opens up to chauffeur Morgan Freeman, confiding that she is, in truth, Maaga, who escaped from the doomed planet just in time and has been in hiding on Earth ever since. Freeman's sympathy enables her to ultimately come to terms with all the evil deeds she committed back in Galaxy Four.