Sunday, December 18, 2005

Venus observed!

I've just realised my long-term ambition to see Venus in daylight. I spotted it in full afternoon sunlight, only 37 degrees from the Sun. I did have to use binoculars to locate it first, but it was easily visible with the naked eye after that.

Shallow says: Take extreme care using binoculars for daytime astronomy. Ideally you should make sure that the Sun is hidden from you by a wall or building.

Incidentally this observation was made through a double glazed window.

Time 1440 UTC
Alt/Azimuth 17/184 deg
Elongation 37 deg
Magnitude -3.9
Limiting magnitude calculation (elev 20m, temp 39 F, RH 69%) -3.2

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Not content with spamming the BBC with thousands of duplicate Jerry Springer complaints, religious fanatics 'Christian Voice' have leant on Woolworths and Sainsburys to take the Jerry Springer DVD off their shelves.

, it's over between us. I shall go to Wilkinsons for my tinsel and Christmas cards in future. You're especially damned for fobbing off counter-protestors with the broken record technique.

Sainsburys, I'm downgrading you to Evil Supermarket status along with Tesco and Asda. I'm more disappointed than angry.

Join with Shallow!