Sunday, June 19, 2005

I wish I could say I was surprised last night when Dr Who - The Next Generation ripped off Primeval, with Rose emerging glowing-eyed and imbued with power from the TARDIS, and doing the weapon retraction thing on that Dalek.

I'd been primed by the Initiative similarities in Dalek, and the revelation, in Bad Wolf, of the army of ubervamps Daleks Get It Done-style.

It's odd that RTD's feeble homages to Buffy are more upsetting than his interpretation of Doctor Who (which makes the JNT era seem like one of inflexible devotion to quality and continuity).

I suppose it's because it's a long time since I enjoyed contemporary DW - around the time of Enlightenment 22 years ago - but the greatness of Buffy circa 2001 is still fresh in my mind. So I wasn't about to watch RTD destroying my memories of my favourite Buffy era. I turned it off and put Pyramids of Mars on.