Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shallow at the Prom

My current voyage through Buffspace has brought me to Worst Episode Ever, also known as The Prom. This episode has me cheering on the hellhounds. Oz already deserves to die after his petulant tantrum in Choices, and Buffy - at her self-righteous worst here - also loses my sympathy. I think I hate Buffs more during this ep than at any other time, excepting only the point in The Gift where she threatens to kill her friends.
I hate the way that, after three whole series making the point that being different is a positive virtue, we have this rotten, sell-out coda remarking that mainstream acceptance is the only thing that matters. As if Jonathan would be on the organising committee anyway - even if he hadn't been 'toting a piece to school, not exactly winning him a place with the in-crowd' in the last episode but one.
On a scale of one to ten, this episode sucks.