Sunday, February 03, 2013

One of the finest moments in Viz is the encounter between Raffles - The Gentleman Thug - and Oscar Wilde. Raffles and his sidekick Bunny have gatecrashed a society party, and Raffles' attention is soon drawn to Wilde, who's amusing the company with epigrams. The Gentleman Thug begins to intimidate him, addressing him as 'Professor fucking Posh' and asking him if he thinks he's clever. Experienced Raffles readers know how this conversation will end. But Wilde replies:

'Cleverness, Lord Raffles, is the assertion of the absolute modernity of ignorance.'

A question mark appears above Raffles' furrowed brow. And Wilde continues -

'More like a bastard!'

accompanying the remark with a taste of Raffles' own fistic medicine.

In the final frame Wilde has his hands clasped triumphantly above his head, while Raffles staggers away supported by Bunny. With a hand to his bleeding nose, Raffles groans,

'Fucking hell, Bunny, I wish I'd said that.'

And his faithful sidekick can only reply,

'You will, Raffles, you will.'

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