Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quincy story titles that would also have worked in DW

Valleyview - sinister holiday camp, sort of Paradise Towers/Macra vein
Holding Pattern - space war stalemate
The Hero Syndrome - Holmes rogues supplying battle drugs to primitive planet barbarian warriors
Touch of Death - Missing UNIT story, some kind of space disease (expansion of Silurians virus plot)
House of No Return - basically Talons but with Arabs, in colonial Egypt probably
Aftermath - post-nuclear bollocks, Terry Nation rehearsal for Survivors
Dark Angel - got to be a series 26 Cartmel wankfest, surely?
The Eye of the Needle - isn't this a Big Finish?
Hot Ice - missing series 24 Glitz caper?
The Money Plague - could be another Pertwee Touch of Death, could be a Kinda-esque fable about wily natives responding to attempts to introduce them to capitalism
The Night Killer - just before the War Machines, Hart and Dodo investigate alien-caused murders
Sugar and Spice - missing member of McCoy magic realist quartet. Season 25 chillfest on planet of killer moppets. Possibly postponed after a real murder, but an absolute classic. 5/5
The Golden Hour - much-loved series 18 tour d'horizon/indulgent wank, according to who you listen to. Basically a lot of Fourth Doctor clips as he's forced to escape from his memories by the Black Guardian or someone
Bitter Pill - Colin gets stroppy on planet of euthanasia