Saturday, May 05, 2007

I've assembled myself a tape of blocking songs. My new neighbours are mostly very quiet, but occasionally they put gangsta rap on, and I'm not sitting listening to that while I'm trying to read.

So a group of songs are required which have enough authority to cover up the noise coming through the wall, but which aren't so noisy as to be irritate me themselves.

Radio Prague - OMD (melodic distortion to help me get the right volume level)
The Shouty Track - Lemon Jelly (the blocking song where all other blocking songs begin. It was with this that I used to signal to my Polish upstairs neighbours that I had had enough thumping on my ceiling for one afternoon)
Aphrodite - Paris and Sharp (nice bit of trance with wonderful tuneful bangy bit at the end)
The Private Psychedelic Reel - Chemical Brothers
Trance Shapes - Robert Miles (the track that first showed me the virtues of trance)
Sploosh! - Ozric Tentacles
Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers (vocals for a change)
Walking Distance - Buzzcocks (guitarry instrumental)
Waterfall - Atlantic Ocean
To The Shock Of Miss Louise - Thomas Newman (nothing says 'Please stop playing gangsta rap now' like a bit of steam organ)
Late For The Train - Buzzcocks (drum-tastic train imitation to round things off)