Friday, June 10, 2011

Windows 7: a 7 mile high pile of crap

Worst things about W7 so far:

- Start menu clutter, extra keystrokes to get into Programs and an unusable interface when you get there
- Alt-Tab drops you out of the app list after you've been round the cycle once
- General removal of keyboard shortcuts, eg
-- Ctrl-Alt-Del, T no longer opens Task Manager
-- Listviews now have a tab stop on the column headers, which means extra keystrokes to get into the actual data rows. In some applets it is impossible to tab onto the data at all.
- Win-E opens Explorer in novice mode. I don't want huge tiles representing Bill Gates' idea of where I should be keeping my files. I know where they are and I want a list of drives so I can get to them.
- Drive indexing enabled by default leading to constant disc access