Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joe Orton and Doctor Who

From Joe Orton's diaries, February 5th 1967:

Yesterday I was watching an episode of Dr Who and I spotted a little boy in that called Frazer Hines.

Airdate lists suggest this must have been Underwater Menace episode 4. And what a pity Orton didn't have a cine camera handy to record the episode in which Jamie made such an impression on him.

And for April 15th 1967:

Watched Dr Who on television. Rubbish, but there's a young boy in it who is worth looking at... I mentally undress him. I'm sure the BBC would be horrified if they realised that even a science fiction series can be used erotically.

That was The Faceless Ones episode 2. Joe Orton would have made a great DW forum poster (if he'd cottoned on to the correct spelling of Fraser anyway). Incidentally, reading the diaries again last week I realised that he may be talking about Hines as possible casting for Sloane. I would have liked to have seen that.

He also overheard two women on a bus talking about a Dalek story. One thought it was too far-fetched. The other agreed: 'You know where you are with human beings, don't you,' she said.

Finally, in January 1967 an excerpt from Orton's play Loot is televised. In the director's chair is none other than a young Peter Moffat, who told Orton how much he'd like to have a go at doing Entertaining Mr Sloane on TV too. (Nothing came of it because Rediffusion were too timid to broadcast a play about a man and woman competing over a dodgy young man).