Thursday, May 10, 2012

Naive Avengersthon - 76. A Touch of Brimstone

A cut-and-shut episode really - a front bit involving increasingly less harmless practical jokes on public figures, and a back bit involving a revived Hellfire Club run by Peter Wyngarde. Plenty of spectacle at the latter, including Steed ingeniously cheating his way through the initiation test and some writhing mounds of lustful people.

But again the set piece involves Mrs Peel, this time in dominatrix gear as the 'Queen of Sin'; in this outfit she has a bizarre stylised fight with an acrobat, and then gets a whipping from Wyngarde before he plunges to his doom.

It all looks pretty good, and Wyngarde is good value as always, but this was one of those 'all icing, no cake' eps.

Also seen: Carol 'Stewart Lee needs psychiatric help' Cleveland, Colin 'Max Quordlepleen' Jeavons, Jeremy 'Kal' Young, Robert 'Taltallian' Cawdron, Bill 'Ploppy' Wallis.

Previously seen: Steve Plytas returning from Immortal Clay, Martin Miller from The Master Minds.